Windows Live Messenger for Windows Phone 7 Officially unveiled

I was the first to show you that Windows Live Messenger was coming to Windows Phone 7 a couple of days. Unfortunately nothing was official yet and there’s was a bit of confusion about who was actually developing the application (as you can see in the comments section). French developers Miyowa have officially announced that they were enlisted by Microsoft to develop the WP7 version of the app in a blog post a few hours ago:

Here at Miyowa, we’ve had the pleasure of being able to play around on it for the past few months, as Microsoft have enlisted Miyowa to create the Windows Live Messenger app for the new OS.
We’ve long been partners with Microsoft, and are their number 1 mobile Windows Live Messenger provider. In fact, it is the success of our mobile WLM app that long ago helped us grow from a company with a couple of people working away in a tiny office, to the multi-national we are today!
And, now that we’ve expanded our expertise, and become market leaders in mobile Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (and, of course, official partners of each) you can look forward to seeing Miyowa clients for those networks in the WP7 Marketplace too.

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