One more LG Optimus 7 and Optimus Q advertising video

I’m guessing that this promo video is a a better fit for the European market compared the previous ones which looked more like Asia-centric ads. I wonder if OEMs will also have their own TV spots or if everything will be handled by the carriers. Anyway, watch the LG Optimus 7 and Optimus 7Q in action after the break:

My LG Optimus 7 hands-on can be found here.

  • Diego!

    Wow!!! This video is outstanding! It really shows the best of WP7. Speaking of which, I love WP7 interface. It’s one of a kind and something fresh to cellphone market. Go Microsoft! And go LG! LG Optimus 7 looks really promising! :)

  • HoaiTX

    Oh thanks, i appriciate that!