Windows Phone 7 TV ads: What do you think?

You’ve probably already seen them by now but a thought that after posting LG’s Ads it would be logical to also post Microsoft’s official Windows Phone 7 TV Ads. It’s refreshing to see that the guys in Redmond have out-done themselves this time around and didn’t pump-up (or actually give the green light) to a shitty ad campaign similar to last year’s Windows Mobile 6.5 spots. I just hope that other ads will see the light and show the actual product in action (similar to what Apple does). Videos after the break:


Season Of The Witch

  • Murani Lewis

    In a word, Awesome!

  • BucksterMcgee

    I love them as well, I think the humor is good, but the message really speaks to a lot of people out there. Honestly, who doesn’t know someone who is always starring at their phone, especially at the worst times?

    Can’t wait until Nov. to get my hands on one! The only problem is which one?? : /