HTC 7 Trophy Hands-on Preview

Here’s the HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone 7 phone that will apparently only be launched in Europe in Asia. As with all the other WP7 devices announced today the Trophy features the same Snapdragon processor clocked at 1GHz. The screen is a 3.8″ SLCD panel and looks quite good. Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t really good so the pictures at the video aren’t really representative of what it actually looks like. On the back is 5Mp camera with LED flash capable of HD video recording (again, like all the other WP7 devices. The device also features the TI sound chip to enable SRS surround sound and Dolby Mobile. Super fast and super smooth, like all the Windows Phone 7 announced today. The device has roughly the same weight and build quality as the HTC Desire / Nexus One.  Short video and pictures after the break:

Sorry for the short video (same for the Mozart video too) It was a bit hard to manipulate the device with my left hand and shoot at the same time. And I was running out of storage on the camera. But like I said before, the user experience is the same on all WP7 devices announced todaywhich means that there wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff to show.

  • Diego!

    It’s a pitty this has only 8Gb of internal memory :(