Verizon isn't really excited about Windows Phone 7

We already knew that Verizon (and Sprint) wasn’t going to sell any Windows Phone 7 device before 2011 because Microsoft’s focus on GSM networks and seems like things aren’t really looking good according to Verizon’s new president and chief operating officer, Lowell McAdam. McAdam thinks that  there are only three major Mobile operating systems in the US: BlackBerry, Android and iPhone’s iOS:

What about Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 phones? Microsoft is launching new Windows Mobile 7 phones next week on AT&T’s network. Will Verizon offer some new Windows Mobile 7 devices on the LTE network?
McAdam: I can’t really say which phones we’ll offer yet. We like our relationship with Microsoft. But clearly in the U.S. there are three major mobile operating systems: RIM, Google, and Apple.

So you don’t view Microsoft as a major player in mobile anymore?
McAdam: No not at the moment. Microsoft is not at the forefront of our mind.

Does this have anything to do with the short-lived Microsoft Kin? That was kind of a mess. (Editor’s note: The Kin was a “social media” phone that was only on the market for less than two months earlier this year before Microsoft pulled it and halted development in lieu of Windows Mobile 7. It was offered exclusively on Verizon Wireless.)
McAdam: This really goes back to what I said earlier about how innovation in wireless devices and applications is moving so quickly. Our device suppliers have to demonstrate to us that they will be developing leading edge products. And if they are not leading edge, then we can’t afford to carry them in our stores. But if they are innovative, we’ll offer them.

Frankly I wouldn’t worry too much and fully expect Verizon to offer WP7 device next year.This is just PR talk before the holiday season. Verizon is logically going to downplay Windows Phone 7 given that both AT&T and T-Mobile will heavily market and promote WP7 devices this fall. What’s up with journalists talking about Windows Mobile 7 instead of Windows Phone 7? meh..

Source: Cnet

  • phearz

    Yes “journalist”. How can you claim to be a legitimate journalist if you miss things like the name of the product you are reporting on. How can you be trusted to get anything else right?

  • Anonymous

    This guy is such a dickhead. So, Verizon don’t see Microsoft has a major player in mobile anymore? So I guess WP7 it just a figment of all our imaginations, right. The arogance is mind blowing. This is the same company that passed on the Motorola Razr and the iPhone and see how that worked out for them. We will see in the next few months when WP7 starts taking all comers, then Verizon will have no choice but to go cap in hand to Microsoft begging for a CDMA WP7 phone.