Microsoft Licenses 74 Smartphone related patents

Microsoft apparently doesn’t want to get a taste of its on medicine and decided to license 74 smartphone related patents for Acacia Research Corp. and Access Co. Ltd who owns the Palm Source patent portfolio. According to the press release Microsoft licensed “a portfolio of patents related to smartphones owned by ACCESS Co., Ltd. The patents cover inventions created by ACCESS Co., Ltd., Palm, Palm source, Bell Communications Research, and Geoworks.” Those patent are also said to be at the center of several lawsuits between Acacia and Apple, RIM, Motorola Samsung etc.

The last few days (and months) have been pretty hectic in the smarphone sector with Microsoft suing Motorola,  then Motorola suing Apple , Apple suing HTC, HTC suing Apple, Nokia suing Apple then Apple suing Nokia, etc.. Fun times…

source: Access, WSJ via Mary Jo Foley