HTC Mondrian / T8788 render shows up with AT&T U-Verse Hub

Don’t you love it when leaked renders of upcoming handset just pop up left and right? Today’s the HTC Mondrian which doesn’t exactly look like the previous “HTC Mondrian” renders at all. So I will assume that this is the real Mondrian and  that the previous shots featured the HTC 7 Trophy /Spark.Notice that device pictured above doesn’t feature the volume rocker on the the left side of the device but on the right side  and that the earpiece has a chrome bezel just like the HTC T8788 that we saw a couple of weeks ago. So there you have it. The HTC Mondrian coming out on AT&T is the HTC T8788with the sliding-out speaker. You can clearly see AT&T branding and U-Verse Hub on the phone (also not that this render is identical to the one feature in the leaked TV Spots).

source: 991Sniper  vie engadget

  • Anonymous

    That thing is fat alright, I really don’t see a use for a slide out speaker.
    1 – I hate those stupid kids that let everyone ‘enjoy’ their music
    2 – It’ll still sound like crap because of the limited size of the speakers

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah, I don’t see the point of the Slide-out speaker either. bBut now that we know that the Mondrian is the T8788 lats see if it does have an MSM8255 chipset instead of the QSD8250.

  • Diego!

    If it is released in my country, I’d buy it. As I told before, I have no speakers at work, this would be very handy to listen to the radio or to my music there. I guess the screen is 3.7-3.8″, right?

    M. do you have information about HTC PD29110? WMPower user claims is the HD7 with a front facing camera and is heading to T-Mobile! Could you please post something about it? Thanks! :)