Motorola still open to using Windows Phone 7

The company that just got sued by Microsoft is still open to use Windows Phone 7 ? Surprised ? Business is business and Motorola knows this. Moto’s CEO Sanjay Jha basically repeated exactly the same thing he told the WSJ back in February during MWC. Motorola is apparently trying to decide on what is going the next step:

“I am open to finding ways to work with Microsoft,” Mr. Jha said. “But it has to be a compelling offering.”

Microsoft will unveil the new operating system, called Windows Phone 7, next week. Mr. Jha said Motorola engineers haven’t seen the system. But, he said, “From what I have heard, it is a rational offering.”
The Motorola co-CEO said he isn’t “overly unsettled” by the Microsoft lawsuits, and that “some of these lawsuits are part of business.”

“I would much rather have done without that lawsuit, but it doesn’t always work out that way,” Mr. Jha said. “We will consider all of our options.”

Folks should always remember that Motorola was THE big OEM partner on Windows Mobile 7 (known as Photon) before Microsoft decided to scrap the project and restart from scratch (Windows Phone 7). To survive the company had no other choice than to go Android exclusive. This is somewhat similar to what HTC has done but both companies didn’t have the same financial situation at that time and HTC had enough momentum to continue to create Windows Mobile handset alongside its newly created line of android phones. Motorola is probably currently in talks with Microsoft to try to settle the suite but this could take a little while.

source: WSJ