LG Optimus 7 / E900 press shots

The soon to be released LG Optimus 7 aka LG E900  Windows Phone 7 handset was apparently part of the same press photo-shoot as the HTC Mondrian / HTC 7 Trophy we saw a few days ago. Given that both sets of photos looks identical in lighting and setup and guessing that both originate from a Microsoft PR document. For more info about the LG Optimus 7 I will suggest you go and check this news post and this one too. More shots after the break:

via BestBoyz

  • Diego!

    So far this is the only WP7 phone with 16GB of internal memory, right?

    It looks nice, but I’m still having hopes for HTC Surround :) (fingers crossed!)

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Yes it’s the only one so far with 16GB of internal memory.