Apple's number one fan praises Windows Phone 7

This came out of no-where especially when you know who John Gruber is. The numero uno Apple fan (hell, even Steve Jobs quotes him) who is notorious for hating on everything that isn’t an Apple product had a brief 5 minutes hands-on with Microsoft’s Joe Marini’s Asus E600 Windows Phone 7 handset during the Web 2.0 event in NYC a few days ago and talked about the experience in a podcast posted last week. So what does he think about it? Well, I suggest that you listen to him praising Microsoft’s new platform during nearly 10 minutes (starting at 54:30). Quotes after the beak:

“very, very favorable.”"I was “really impressed.” “The software keyboard is fantastic”. “this is iPhone caliber stuff” etc…

If one of your biggest detractor praises you like that it means that you are doing something rightwith Windows Phone 7. Gruber can’t wait to get his hands-on a review handset to play with it more and have a deeper dive into the OS.

source: The Talk Show via SAI

  • BucksterMcgee

    I find it interesting, that pretty much everyone who uses/tries a Windows Phone 7 device is extremely impressed with the experience. Even someone like John Gruber, an outspoke Apple fan, is raving about it, after only using it for 5 minutes. As for as I know there has only been one, single person who has written negatively about it, and even then they don’t even make sense. I see all this positive views on WP7 not only to be reaffirming that it is just as good at it seems, but also that people who have used it see Windows Phone 7 as the correct/natural way to use a smartphone, instead of the desktop imitation and frankly heavily outdated concepts of Android and the iPhone. Even if WP7 is missing a few features at launch, we have to remember that is only the very beginning of what they have planned, and it only take a single update for it to be fully powered, which I’m betting will be sooner then later. My only concern is that the launch hardware won’t be compelling enough for myself and others, and so I’ll want to wait for the more powerful devices, but I don’t see why this would be the case absolutely.