Samsung Omnia 7 aka Samsung i8700 shows up in video

Here’s a shaky video of the Samsung Omnia 7 aka Samsung GT-i8700 Windows Phone 7 handset that is about to launch in the coming weeks. According to the poster (who is obviously lockated in Italy unlike like the previous one which was in Fance)the device sports a Super-AMOLED display. The 5Mp camera supposedly captures smooth HD video and the device packs a 1500Mha battery (and 8Gb of internal flash). You will also get a quick glimpse at what looks like Samsung’s meteo application. Check it out after the break:

UPDATE: Please check out this video instead!

Thanks for the Tip Alain

  • Anonymous

    damn, already removed :s

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup, I saved it on my HD. But I don’t want to get anybody in trouble so I’ll not re-uploaded to YouTube. Frankly there wasn’t anything new besides the weather app you see in the screenshot above.

  • Boima B Harris

    Come on please share this is my new phone…
    At least send it to my inbox or give me the download link

  • Boima B Harris

    You guys should have the summary of all the Windows Phone devices

  • Boima B Harris

    BTW how come your guys are not on facebook.