Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Launch event on October 11th

It’s now official like a referee whistle. There’s Windows Phone 7 worldwide launch event talking place in NYC (and everywhere else in the world I guess) on October 11th. But this is apparently not really related to the Open House press event taking place on the same day in NYC. The WP7 event will be held at the Microsoft Technology Center located in Microsoft’s NYC office  and doesn’t seem to be a press event (members of the press have already received their Open House invites which AFAIK don’t even mention Windows Phone 7) . So I’m guessing that this is aimed at Developers, marketing, retail partners. T-Mobile will also be present to showcase its WP7 devices. Stay tuned for more…

UPDATE: Microsoft has just sent out another Open House invite to the press and this time it actually mention Windows Phone 7. Micrososft CEO Steve Ballmer and AT&T Ralph de la Vega will be present for a keynote:

Remember that Ballmer will also “launch” WP7 on Thursday Oct 7 in Paris during the WP7 developer contest final and I will be live there….Stay tuned.

Update: Just received my invitation to the Oct 11 event here. OEMs will be present to showcase their Windows Phone 7 devices. Get ready for some nice hands-on videos and pictures.
Source: Microsoft thanks for the heads up Chac

  • David Olsen

    Australian launch is happening first thing on October 12th, Telstra looks like the launch partner here.