One more picture of the HTC HD7 aka HTC HD3

The original source of the leaked HTC HD7 / HTC HD3 pictures we saw last week is apparently a litle bit pissed that his scoop got relayed all over the world without giving him credit so he decided to post a new watermarked shot of both prototypes to prove that he indeed have the handsets in his possession. Unfortunately nothing else new is said about the device. Looks sexy no?

Source: Mobile01

  • Diego!

    I hope HTC starts to release the official specifications for all of its WP7 devices! There are a lot of phones that leaked but their specifications are meh… but this could be early versions and not the retail versions we’ll get by late October/early November :)

  • Le Chiffre

    if the specs are any thing like the previous leaks, I am jumping ship…