Windows Phone 7 Launching in the US on November 8 ?

Ready for more Windows Phone 7 launch date rumors? According to Paul Thurott the US launch of Windows Phone 7 will take place on November 8. This will be 2 weeks after the rumored European launch. Paul also confirms that apparently the October 11th Open House NYC event is not related to WP7. Anyway, the only think that is official today is the fact that Steve Ballmer will be in Europe in early October (Oct 6 in the UK and Oct 7 in France for the Windows Phone 7 developer event).

Source: Paull Thurott

  • argenys

    Don’t you think they will still show it off in NYC?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah it is highly probable that it will shown in NYC (well, there isn’t much we haven’t seen already..) but it won’t be the WP7 only event as some folks tried to make it out to be. The Open House event is all about Microsoft’s consumer products like Xbox, Microsoft Games, Zune and obviously Windows Phone.
    But the big question is: When will OEMs be allowed to announce their WP7 handsets? Because this is what everybody is waiting for. With Ballmer touring Europe in early October and the rumors pointing to a mid/end of OCT release there one has to wonder if MS will have only one big press event or will they just fire a Press Release alongside the OEMs announcements sometime in early/mid OCT.

  • argenys

    Yeah, I hope they show off at the very least some new hardware and an in depth view of the OS.