HTC's CEO still wants to

I seems like HTC still can’t get over the fact that they aren’t allowed to customize the Windows Phone 7 UI. In an interview with the Seattle Times, Peter Chou, has stated once again that he hopes to “innovate on top” of Windows Phone 7 even though the general consensus after the leaked HTC Hub videos is that the company isn’t really doing a good job at it with all the funky looking animations. Check it out after the break:

Question: What do you think about Windows Phone 7? Do people in the industry think Microsoft has a chance to come back in the mobile business?

Answer: I do. This is a significant milestone for Microsoft in the mobile space. They put tremendous focus, effort on this design. I’m very excited about this brand-new experience. I think it will get positive acceptance from the industry and the market.

Q: You built a nice HTC software layer to differentiate your phones. That looks tougher with Windows Phone since the interface is pretty specific. What kind of “special sauce” can HTC bring to its WP7 devices?

A: Innovation doesn’t need to always be the same. We are able to innovate on top of that, but the first time, just like our first Android phone, we ended up not putting in too much the first time. Over time, we believe we can innovate on top of that.

Q: Are there international markets where Windows Phone will be especially strong?

A: In China the Windows phones are very popular, the acceptance is very high. They have a lot of legacy Windows users.

He also confirms that HTC is currently working on a Tablet:

Q: There are rumors that you’re working on a tablet. Will you offer one?

A: Our teams are looking into all kinds of products and portfolio possibilities, but we need to make sure we have best experience and the best value proposition when we come out with a product.
It doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to go from a 4-inch screen to a 7-inch screen. In terms of capabilities and technologies and expertise, we have all of this. But we just want to make sure that we have a very good, differentiated product coming out.

Source: Seattle Times

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    MS needs to have a basic standard interface for touch screen tablets. It’s about time. They should allow HTC to innovative on top of a tablet.