HTC Mondrian shows up in AT&T's Windows Phone 7 TV ads

Looks like AT&T is readying its Windows Phone 7 TV ads. The surprise here is that the HTC 7 Trophy (or is it the HTC Mozart / Schubert) is apparently going to be officially called the HTC Mondrian. You all remember that the HTC Mondrian’s ROM leaked more than 3 months ago (and yes it was an AT&T rom) and mentioned that the device was packing a Qualcomm QSD8250A chipset (now renamed MSM8255). There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the actual internals of HTC’s WP7 devices and Microsoft’ France head of Windows Phone’s Tweet about the rumored HTC HD7 / HD3 isn’t helping either (the tweet has since been deleted..):

Oh and for guys who think they know everything on HTC HD3, I Can Tell you you are wrong

Also note that the ads aren’t final as you can notice at the end of the first one (you see the place holder in the actors hand with the tracking dots used to composite the WP7 UI later in post-production).

via Engadget