comic book reader for Windows Phone 7 shown on video’s comic book reader was the first third-party application demonstrated on the platform back in March during MIX10.Since then, we only saw a silverlight version of the app in July (no longer available) but no news on the on-going development. A video showing the application running on a Samsung Taylor handset was recently posted on YouTube and give us a quick too of it. Video after the break:

  • BucksterMcgee

    Hmm, I’ll have to see more, but from that and a few other videos I’ve seen it just doesn’t look as nice, clean, and finished as the Clarity Consulting comic reader. Again it’s one of those apps that uses the font and imitation of metro, but really isn’t following guidelines so it ends up looking tacky. Clarity really “gets” metro, and hopefully when they release their apps for Windows Phone 7, others will be able to see how to do metro apps correctly.

    Developers remember, just having a sparse UI and using Segoe absolutely doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. Maybe you guys need to take a step back and look over the entire concept as a whole instead of adding on features here and there and painting it with the metro marker. If you truly think that this will pass off because it’s “different” than most apps on Android and iOS, you will be in a rude awakening when the top notch apps come to Windows Phone and all the “average” apps stick out for being poor implmentations/imitations.