Windows Phone 7 doesn't support Tethering yet

Well this kinda confirms what I knew all along  (and also confirmed by Telstra) but was contradicted yesterday. The current version of Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support Tethering at all. I check and double checked on several Rom version and the option was never there (yeah even post-RTM..). Grab some tissue and wait for a update later which will enable this feature.

Via Engadget

  • Roger Peters

    The ROMs going around also dont have 3D models in the XBox HUb – that is because the public ROMs are developer builds, not consumer builds. Are you saying you have a build with the avatar editor in the XBox hub, but without the tethering options?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes. Last Rom I checked wasn’t a developer build and it didn’t have Tethering (this was 3 weeks ago thought).