Rumored HTC 7 Trophy hardware specifications

Similar to yesterday’s HTC HD7 /HD3 specs sheet here come the HTC 7 Trophyrumored hardware spécifications. As you can se they are identical to the HTC HD7 besides the smaller 3.8″ screen and larger 1300mh battery (makes sense no….not). As it is usually the case in this type of situation, things can change between now that the official announcement in the coming days.

Source: WMPoweruser

  • Diego!

    I think it says 3.8″ screen in that specifications sheet… And I’m glad HTC went back to that size (HTC Touch HD was the first phone with that screen size from HTC) in some of their new phones. :)

    Anyway, we will just have to wait for the official specifications to see if they add more internal memory to those 8GB.

  • HTC Touch

    thanks for the cool post dude