Nokia to start making Windows Phone 7 phones?

Looks like the “Nokia is switching to Windows Phone7″ rumors are back in full force thanks to the nomination of Stephen Elop as the new CEO of the Finnish company (he is Microsoft’s ex-President of Business Division). According to one of Venturebeat’s “trusted source” the company is contemplating the possibility of adding Windows Phone 7 as an additional platform for its phones. Unfortunately this is the only thing said in about this in the VB article so you better grab a hand-full of salt.

Is it possible? Well everything is possible in this industry especially in the mobile sector but lets not get carried away. Let’s just wait and see what Elop decides to do in the coming months. Nokia already have a roadmap full of Symbian and Meego devices for 2011 so I would be really surprised if things drastically changed in the months to come.

Source: Venturbeat

  • Boima B Harris

    Slap WP7 on the Nokia E7…wow a thing of beauty…Let the dreams begin….
    @chinch, you are right about Nokia….Change course now or its dooms’day…

  • MobileSpoon

    So Microsoft is goingt to save Nokia from drowning?
    Or maybe the opposite…
    Maybe it’s Nokia that will help Windows Phone 7 become quicly popular.

    With promising apps such as that ( I’m holding my fingers crossed…