HTC Mozart and HTC Desire Z receive certification

Today is the HTC Mozart (also known as the HTC 7 Mozart) and HTC Desire Z turn to be certified by the Global Certification Forum. There’s noting really newsworthy here other than the list of radio bands supported by both devices and the fact that the HTC Desire Z can apparently travel in time (notice the certification date…)

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New Foursquare application for Windows Phone 7 shows up

You probably already know that a Foursquare application for Windows Phone 7 has been open sourced and is freely available for download since March but apparently the team at Clarity Consulting is working on an other one (the official app?) and things are looking quite good based on the pictures that have just been posted on Twitter:

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Microsoft releases Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone 7 developer tools

I’m guessing that this is what Brandon Watson was hintting at last night on Twitter. Microsoft has just released a CTP that enables  Visual Basic developers to create Windows Phone 7 application with the final version of the Windows Phone 7 sdk that was released last week.

Please install this Community Technology Preview to develop Windows Phone 7 applications using Microsoft Visual Basic. This CTP is to be used as an evaluation, and is not intended to reflect the final version of the technology, which is subject to implementation changes.

Some more info:

We’re not formally announcing the schedule for when Visual Basic will be fully supported. We’re giving VB developers early access to the Windows Phone 7 platform so that they can start thinking about what amazing apps they want to build.

A couple of important caveats:

1.This is a CTP, which means we want to give you early access, and are hoping to solicit feedback, but this is not a final implementation, and you should not expect anything you built to be commercial ready.
2.There is no Go-Live license, which means you shouldn’t try to release apps built with this version of the technology.
3.You need to be a Visual Studio 2010 Professional (or higher) customer. So if you only have the Express edition of the Windows Phone Developer Tools, you cannot use this version of the CTP. I hear Visual Studio 2010 have a trial download if you are really itchy.
4.You cannot build XNA games. Silverlight apps only.

Download it from here.

Rumored HTC HD7 specifications look underwhelming

Take these with a grain of salt because if this turns out to be true then the HTC HD7 (or HTC HD3) will have exactly the same hardware specifications as the now, one year old, HTC HD2. The only difference being the 8gb of internal memory, the camera button and TI audio chip (for the SRS surround and Dolby Mobile support I guess). Disappointing right? Sure it is when you take into account that the supposedly lower-end HTC Schubert / Mozart has an 8MP camera with what looks like a Xenon flash and an SLCD screen and that the recently announced HTC Desire HD also features the 8MP sensor with the new Qualcomm MSM8255 SoC. I’m going to re-post what I said last night in the comments section here:

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