HTC confirms October launch of its Windows Phone 7 devices

Nothing terribly exciting or news breaking here but Mohammad Kais Zribi, regional director, HTC, Middle East North Africa, just confirmed the company’s plan to launch its Windows Phone 7 based device next month (not sure if the US isn’t part of the initial launch thought..).

“We will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month and we will be concentrating on Android and Windows segments,” Zribi said. “So far we have launched six models and around five more models by end of the year.”

The number of Windows Phone 7 based models is still a mystery given that we have only seen to of the so far; the HTC T8788 and the HTC Schubert/Mozart. Many other code-names have leaked but as it is always the case with HTC products a single product can have several internal code-names depending on the country and carrier it is going to launch on.

Source: Gulfnews via engadget