HTC 7 Trophy in the wild. Looks like the HTC T8788

Here are the “first” live pictures of the rumored HTC 7 Trophy handset. As you can see it look relatively similar to the HTC T8788 Windows Phone 7 handset with the sliding-speaker we saw not long ago over at Engadget (and rumored to be called the HTC Surround on AT&T). As I already said many times in the past (and in the previous post); HTC’s devices always have several code-names depending on the country and carrier they are going to be released on. One more picture after the break:

My guess is that there are only 3 Windows Phone 7 devices from HTC in the works for a 2010 launch. Based on what I have seen the OS build shown in the first picture isn’t the latest but the bootloader seems fairly new.

Source: Pocketnow