Windows Phone 7 in-application ads using Microsoft Advertising are currently restricted to US Residents

Bad news for all non-US developers who wished to use the recently released Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7. Acording to the official FAQ only Developers living in the US are currently allowed to use Microsoft’s Advertising (PubCenter) in there applications:

Q- Can any developer participate?
A- Currently, only U.S.-based developers or international developers with a legal US business entity with a US tax identification number are supported. Additional international support coming soon.

Microsoft currently only supports 2 types of ads in the SDK:

Both Image (banner) ads and Text ads are supported by the Ad Control in the SDK.
Image ads are available in both 300×500 and 480×80 sizes

But the company plans to support more layouts similar to what Apple offers with iAds and what was demonstrated in the AP Mobile application shown during MIX in March.

Non US-residents will have use the Custom Windows Phone 7 Mobile Ad Control and stick Admob / Adsense ads in their application if they want to monetize them I guess.

Please download and read the full FAQ (pdf) here and remember that if you plan to use Microsoft PubCenter in your WP7 app you will have to register you application with MS Advertising on September 29th before submitting it to the Marketplace.

Source: Microsoft Advertising