Video hands-on with the HTC Desire HD Rom on the HTC HD2

I’ve just finished shooting a short hands-on video of the recently released HTC Desire HD Rom for the HTC HD2. You will see that it runs relatively smoothly (it isn’t super fast but no slow either) and that all the major functionalities of the OS are up and running. I should point out that the browser is still buggy and crashes 90% of the time on my HTC HD2 after a few minutes (I can no longer load any page on pan/zoom/navigate). Wifi still isn’t working (on my handset) and the Camera isn’t supported either (but the flash works). Also keep in mind that it takes a while to boot the OS for the first time (nearly 10 minutes and that it isn’t supper responsive afterwards either (it can sometimes take up to 10 secs to come out of sleep when I hit a hardware button). The Battery is drained super fast too. Check it out after the break:

Grab the Rom from here

  • Diego!

    So what’s the point of installing this ROM if it doesn’t work properly? haha

    I hope the guys over at XDA pull it through and make it work on every HD2 phone :)

  • MobileTechWorld

    It’s not really “installed”. You just copy the Android folder on the micro-SD card and run it from there. You can go back to WM6.5 at any time. :)

  • Juan Luvian

    do you need to flash your hspl ort radio to be able ton run the rom?

  • MobileTechWorld

    You will need to flash your Radio if your current version is under v2.08.

  • Emrobinson123

    how do you download it to go onto your hd2 ….so confused steps would be nice