HTC Desire HD Rom for the HTC HD2 released and video walkthrough

This is bloody awesome especially for all the HTC HD2 users out there who just can’t stand Windows Mobile 6.5 anymore. DarkStone1337 over at XDA-Devs has just released a modified HTC Desire HD Rom (the one leaked earlier) for the HTC HD2 and posted a 14 minutes long video showing the whole thing in action. Some features are currently broken but you can see that it’s already running smoothly as if it was on an HTC Desire HD.

HTC Desire HD build for HTC HD2 by darkstone (Beta 2):

Easier to list whats NOT working:

- Camera (app closes itself)
- Ebook reader (E-Books do not open)
- Ringtones (Unable to select a ringtone, get a force close error)
- Video playback from SD card is slow, needs rectifying
- LED Notifications are bizzare, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t

// Creates a 1gb data.img (takes a long time to make on first boot, be patient. No, the HD2 has not crashed despite what the screen looks like! Wait 10 minutes or so.)
// Don’t worry about FB console not showing, that’s normal
// This shouldn’t really be considered as a build for daily usage, still experimental

// Copy the Android folder to SD card, run CLRCAD.EXE and haret.exe on your HD2

Check the video after the break:

I’m currently downloading it and will try it out as soon as possible. Head overto the Source link to grab it. Check out my video walkthrough here.

Source: Gamesquare, XDA Devs

  • Diego!

    Where are my comments? :(

  • Tonyw315

    Hello thanks it looks awesome but when my hd2 sleeps sometimes it will not wake I have to remove the battery.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Don’t worry about that. I’ve had the same problem. The Rom still needs a lot of work.