Verizon won't sell Windows Phone 7 handsets before 2011

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you have been following the Windows Phone 7  and Kin lately but it is definitealy nice to finally have the official word on the subject. Verizon has announced today that they won’t sell any Windows Phone 7 handset this year (but plan on doing so in 2011). I don’t see this a a really big deal given that the other three major carries are on track to launch their WP7 devices this Fall. Sprint has also confirmed to Bloomberg that they are on board update: Sprint won’t sell WP7 devices in 2010 either. AT&T is officially the premier Windows Phone 7 carrier in the US with over 6 handsets planned to hit the streets before the end of the year and we know that T-Mobile has the HTC Schubert / Mozart scheduled to launch on November 17th (and maybe something called the HTC HD7). Verizon has already its hands full with a vast portfolio of Android device and launching one or two WP7 phone this fall wouldn’t have made a big difference anyway.

Verizon Wireless won’t offer a device at the planned fall introduction or at any point this year, Brenda Raney, a Verizon spokeswoman, said today in an interview. The carrier plans to support the new operating system and will probably release a phone in 2011, she said.

Together with our hardware and mobile operator partners, we look forward to bringing Window Phone 7 to market this holiday,” Greg Sullivan, a senior product manager at Microsoft, said in a statement. “Verizon continues to be a key Windows Phone partner going forward.”

Mark Siegel, a spokesman for Dallas-based AT&T, and Cristi Allen, a spokeswoman for Overland Park, Kansas-based Sprint, both said the companies plan to sell phones with the new operating system and also declined to say when.

Source: Bloomberg