First Asus Windows Phone 7 device shown on video

That’s right folks, the previously leaked Windows Phone 7 Asus E600 handset is finally revealed in a 12 mins long video today. I personally think that it looks really nice and a lot better than what I expected after I saw the first leaked picture a few weeks ago. Screen seems to be AMOLED and you will also get to how the current “internal” Marketplace looks like. Also note that the ROM on the device (which I “witnessed” first hands last week) is different from the ones currently in the wild (notice that Bing Maps features the new colors layout..). Video after the break:

Thanks again Jin for the heads up

  • Diego!

    I agree with you M!

    It doesn’t look that bad on video. But why Samsung and Asus are making phones so squarish? Geez!

    Bring the Goodness HTC! hehehe

  • Anonymous

    Would be great if you can really play games such as Halo on your WP7 Phone! WP7-Xbox Game Impression

  • Xyz

    its an engineering/development device – it will never ship in retail

  • ???? ???

    Windows Phone 7 will be a runaway success!!! Beware, I told that about WebOS too.

  • Morten

    Square is good looking. HTC is a good pone, but it’s ugly. I will go for a pone like Asus, in fact so far on look alone Asus is my main choice.