Yes Windows Phone 7 is launching in early October

Yes Windows Phone 7 is launching in early October but why is this exactly news now? I’ve reported about this nearly 2 months ago but other than Mary Jo Foley nobody seemed to care about it back then. Steve Ballmer is going to be in Europe (UK, Germany, France etc..) with some of the WP7 team members in early October and will be here in Paris on October 7th exactly one year after he launched Windows Mobile 6.5 (Oct 6 2009) at the same location (Microsoft France’s Campus). And no, Steve isn’t coming here to hit the local strip clubs (which are pretty good btw..) or visit Paris. He will be here for Windows Phone 7 and the developer contest taking place right now. There’s obviously going to be several events taking place all over the world around the same time but nothing has been officially announced yet (phones availability will probably be later in the month). One has to wonder why this becomes breaking news now when others post dates based on whispers but not 2 months ago when I posted an official Microsoft press release announcing Ballmer’s presence for Windows Phone 7.

  • Jean Paul Malum

    lol – local strip clubs (which are pretty good btw..) :)

  • Release_It_Now

    I wonder how he intends to market the product. DROID is everywhere. The commercials are endless. If they don’t start WP7 selling soon, I may break for Droid. Yet, I’m still willing to wait another 6 months for prices to drop and confirm whether Android 3.0 is worth the wait.