YouTube sort of confirmed on Windows Phone 7

Thanks to Jin  in my previous’ post comment section for pointing me out to this short hands on video from PAX10 where you can see the the person shooting the video trying to playback a YouTube video via the browser. As you can see the device prompts de user to download a dedicated application from the Marketplace which confirms what we have seen before: Microsoft is probably going to release a Music+Videos hub ad-don that will enable user to playback embedded videos on Windows Phone 7.

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Samsung i8700 Windows Phone 7 device in the wild again

The mysterious Windows Phone 7 Samsung GT-i8700 device we saw a few weeks ago has just made another appearance today in the form of to pictures. Other than that there isn’t much information. Check out the second picture after the break:

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One more Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live hands-on video

Can’t get enough of Windows Phone 7? Well here’s another hands-on video with the Samsung Taylor handset in Germany (during GamesCom I guess). Once again you will witness the responsiveness and smoothness of the UI on the Samsung development device and catch a glimpse of Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst. Video after the break:

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Meetic Windows Phone 7 Application unveiled

The famous online dating website Meetic is about to hit the Windows Phone 7 marketplace this fall. Meetic is currently the largest online dating servicein Europe and especially in France where is was all the rage back in 2004/6 (before Facebook became somewhat of a free alternative..). Surprisingly the company has never released any mobile application (yes not even on the iPhone) and has only relied on a mobile version of the site all these years. Windows Phone 7 will be the first mobile platform to have a Meetic application so all you singles out there no longer have any reasons to be alone anymore. The application will be GPS enabled too so you will see if there are any singles near you I guess…. Meetic CEO, Marc Simoncini will also be a judge at the October 7th WP7 dev contest.

T-Mobile G2 officially announced

T-Mobile is officially announcing the T-Mobile G2 Android handset today. The G2 also known as the HTC Desire Z is the first commercial device to feature Qualcomm’s MSM7230 chipset (which is now part of the SanpDragon family) clocked at 800Mhz. It will be interesting to check out the performance of the device given that it packs an Adreno 205 GPU and also an improved video decoding/encoding block. The G2 is equipped with a 5MP camera (with flash) and can shoot 720P videos similar to all the high-end devices currently on the market today. No word on the screen panel used but don’t be surprised if it’s a S-LCD panel at first at later AMOLED once Samsung finally catches up on the manufacturing side. Android 2.2 is obviously the on board installed on the internal 4Gb of ROM (the device will ship with a free 8gb Micro-SD). The device will be available for to pre-order later this month for $199 with a 2 year contract and $499 without. Check out the full press release filled with lots of HSPA+ talk after the break:

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Yes Windows Phone 7 is launching in early October

Yes Windows Phone 7 is launching in early October but why is this exactly news now? I’ve reported about this nearly 2 months ago but other than Mary Jo Foley nobody seemed to care about it back then. Steve Ballmer is going to be in Europe (UK, Germany, France etc..) with some of the WP7 team members in early October and will be here in Paris on October 7th exactly one year after he launched Windows Mobile 6.5 (Oct 6 2009) at the same location (Microsoft France’s Campus). And no, Steve isn’t coming here to hit the local strip clubs (which are pretty good btw..) or visit Paris. He will be here for Windows Phone 7 and the developer contest taking place right now. There’s obviously going to be several events taking place all over the world around the same time but nothing has been officially announced yet (phones availability will probably be later in the month). One has to wonder why this becomes breaking news now when others post dates based on whispers but not 2 months ago when I posted an official Microsoft press release announcing Ballmer’s presence for Windows Phone 7.