14 minutes long Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live video

Microsoft had a Windows Phone 7 booth at PAX 2010 this year with a couple of devices on display so it was only a matter of time before videos of the event start to pop up on YouTube. Tested.com has just upped a 14 mins long video of the OS in action followed by some hands-on action with several games (Ilomilo, The Harvest, Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst and Zombies!). There’s a couple of mistakes in the video (IE Mobile isn’t based on Webkit and there’s no Twitter integration in the People’s Hub). One thing you will notice thought is that the Samsung Taylor handset is a lot smoother/more responsive  than the LG GW910 (even-though they have the same CPU/GPU etc…). I’ve experienced the same thing every time I used both devices but keep in mind that these are pre-production prototypes. Check out the full video after the break:

Source: Tested via WMPU

  • Diego!

    Games look amazing on WP7! Can’t wait to get my device :D

    My brother is traveling to the States in October, I’m saving all the money I can to get one phone. Yaay :D

  • Jin

    I’ve always thought the samsung is just a lot smoother and faster than the LG, the samsung just seems unrealistically fast!