Samsung Fascinate launching tomorrow on September 8th

Verizon is finally going to release its variant of the Samsung Galaxy S tomorrow after all the other major carriers. The Samsung Fascinate  is slightly diffferent from the other regular (and EU version) of the Galaxys by featuring a dedicated camera button and a LED flash alongside the camera. The phone will go for the usual $199 with a 2 year-contract and should really be considered by any Verizon owner looking to get a new handset given that thebig Red company probably won’t have any Windows Phone 7handset this fall and the fact that the Galaxy S is curretly the most powerfull mobile device on the market. The Fascinate will also have Bing as the default search engine instead of Google. Full Press Release after the break:
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Warnygo Windows Phone 7 Application

Warnygo is a Geolocalization application being developed for Windows Phone 7 and taking part of the developer contest currently held in France (just like my application here). Somewhat similar to the famous AroundMe application on the iPhone, Warnygo adds a little twist by giving the user the ability to post/send a Warny (warning) about what’s happening around them. You also have the ability to subscribe to feeds dedicated to a certain subject so you will be alerted when somebody post/send a Warny about it. Here’s the full pitch followed by a video of the application:

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LG Officially Announces Tegra 2 powered Optimus line of Smartphones


LG is definitely going all out at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin this year. After showcasing a couple of new HDTV’s, OLED TV,Android Tablets and yesterday’s DLNA on Windows Phone 7 feature they are now officially announcing the launch of a couple of Tegra 2 powered Smartphones this fall under the Optimus brand. Keep in mind this probably only applies to Android based devices given that only Qualcomm’s SnapDragon line of chipsets are certified to work on Windows Phone 7 right now (this will change in the future). The Tegra 2 SoC is made of a Dual Core CortexA9 CPU@ 1ghz each, a higher-clocked Tegra 1 GPU and has the ability to encode/decode 1080P videos (H.264/VC-1) without breaking a swea (you can see the block-diagram above) t. Interestingly Samsung’s Hummingbird Chipset still sports the fastest mobile GPU (PowerVR SGX540) but all this power doesn’t mean anything to the end user when it barely used by the OS and aplpications. Unlike Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, Android’s GUI isn’t GPU accelerated yet and one has to wonder what is exactly the point of having Dual-Core A9 CPU in a smartphone this fall. Things should be more interesting on this front one year from now when the software platform finally catches up and start to benefit from all this power. Full Press Release after the break:

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