Windows Phone 7: It’s only the beginning

It has been a relatively slow news week (besides the flood of Samsung Galaxy Tab news and previews) so I going to share with you some thoughts about Windows Phone 7 now and what we can expect in the near future. I obviously can’t talk about everything but I won’t be too cryptic so you’ll hopefully get what I’m talking about.

First off you all already know that Microsoft has been handing out development handsets to third-party developers (the LG GW910 and Samsung Taylor) and that those handsets are all under NDA (you are not allowed to film them and post videos on the net) this is principally why you didn’t see me link to some videos lately. You also probably didn’t miss the fact that I’ve started developing Windows Phone 7 applications. Microsoft is kind enough to help me out with this by letting me work with real handsets once a week and sometimes get a glimpse at things that are yet unannounced. I greatly value this developer relationship and that’s why I’ll try to stick by the rules when it comes to this kind of stuff. (Microsoft basically doesn’t want to show the OS’s functionalities running on prototypes unless it’s them doing the demonstration).

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LG Windows Phone 7 DLNA Media Sharing in action

As we have seen before in the blurry shots of the LG E900 the Korean company has developed a DLNA enabled media sharing service on its Windows Phone 7 handset similar to Samsung’s Allshare app that comes pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S (and other high-end devices). The media service was demonstrated this week during the IFA tradeshow in Germany and looks exactly like you would have expected it to work. Video after the break:

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