New LG E900 pictures and videos

Here are more pictures a two blurry videos of the upcoming LG E900 Windows Phone 7 handset. The polish site who is publishing them initially claimed (or had a dodgy translation..) that the device was powered by a QSD8650A (the new version clocked at 1.3Ghz and with the Adreno 205 GPU) but has since corrected it back to QSD8650 so we still aren’t 100% of the internals of the device. Remember that the only other device that was rumored to have the new chipset was/is the HTC Mondrian. Other than that the E900 features a 3.7″ screen and all the usual stuff that come with such a device (they claim that it has a mini-usb connector which isn’t the case because it’s micro-usb like all other handsets shipping this year..). Check out the gallery and videos after the break:

Source: via Engadget

  • Anonymous

    I think its different from the previously leaked E900, its thicker for sure

  • MobileTechWorld

    Dunno, It looks indentical to me (onther that the hardware buttons panel bellow the screen) ?

  • Diego!

    mmm I have mixed thoughts about this phone… I like the OS :p but the design is like a mixture between Samsung Captivate and the Asus WP7 phone leaked.

    I don’t know, maybe is not the final retail version but wasn’t the screen supposed to be AMOLED? Isn’t this a required thing by Microsoft?

    Windows Phone 7 is coming Harry (taken from Harry Potter 4)… hahaa

  • MobileTechWorld

    Nope there’s no requirement about screen tech used for WP7 devices. Only resolution (WVGA at first and HVGA later) and size (3.5″).