MobileTechWorld Windows Phone 7 Application Teaser

Here’s a short teaser video of the MobileTechWorld Windows Phone 7 Application I’ve been working on (you can vote for it >>HERE<< by Liking the video after Liking the MS Developeurs account (icon top left of the video that appears when you start playing it) and refreshing the page).  I have never coded anything in my life before so this is actually my very first application. I still have a couple of things that I have to implement before launching it in October. As you can see I tried to stay true to the Metro UI and used Panorama and Pivot Controls. I also had to build a video player (using MediaElement) to stream my videos directly to the handset etc.. Check it out after the break:

Don’t forget to Like it here if you want (or any other application in the contest).

Edit: Check it out running on an actual device here:

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad a effort being this is your first ever app you’ve coded. Will definitely be downloading this app when I get my WP7 phone in October.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thanks :)
    There’s till a lot of stuff that needs to be implemented. I’ll post more info once it’s done.

  • Bill Ramalho

    I’l definitely download the app….enjoy your site. The app looks well thought out. One thing to consider, Metro UI in WP7 uses lower case fonts for titles, etc….i think it would suit your app and be more consistent with the design language….my 2 cents…I’m in either way. Kudos for making the effort.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thanks for the comment! :) Yeah the deisgn isn’t finished yet and I’ll probably change a couple things (and the animations too).

  • Diego!

    M. you know I’ll download it as soon as I get my WP7!

    In fact, it will be my first app downloaded for my new WP7 device. You can count on that :D

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thanks Diego! :)

  • Brevi2

    Very first app ever huh??? Very nice for a first timer. It appears everyone and their grandmother will able to develop good apps for WPs. I’ll looking forward to you app.

  • Diego!

    Done! :)

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thanks Diego!