One more picture of the LG E900 Windows Phone 7 handset

The closer we get to the launch of Windows Phone 7 the more leaks we are going to see. This time it comes straight out of Microsoft Netherlands via their twitter account. The company has posted a live picture of the LG E900 / LG Optimus 7 we have seen in a previous video on youtube. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same device (notice the identical lighting and table etc..).

Source: Twitter thanks for the heads up Mark

  • Diego!

    mmm not the best looking device after watching HTC’s with sliding speaker ;)

  • MobileTechWorld

    It looks nice IMO. But the screen seems to be the only downside. Samsung’s Super-AMOLED is the way to go for WP7 (because of all the black in the Metro UI). The Pen-tile martix is still sucky when it comes to text reading but the fact that there not air gap at all between the glass and AMOLED panel is just awesome.

  • BucksterMcgee

    Will Super AMOLED always have Pen-tile matrix? Is that part of the reason why it’s brighter? I hate compromises like that, I wish it was just “better” all around so we can just move on in the world.

  • MobileTechWorld

    I don’t know Samsung’s future roadmap but yes, currentyl all of their AMOLED and Super-AMOLED panels use the Pen-Tile Matrix arrangement. But keep in mind that there’salways a difference between OEMs. For example HTC’s AMOLED (and LCD lately too) panels are IMO poorly color calibrated compared to Samsung’s (eventhough they are all Samsung panels..).It basically all depends on how the OEM builds his stuff. And HTC’s latest devices (Desire/Nexus/Incredible) have a gigantic air gap between the glass and panel so the brightness and screen visibilty isn’t as good as you would expect in a well lit room or outdoors.

  • BucksterMcgee

    Hmm, the only OLED screen I have is on my Zune HD, I wonder if it’s pen-tile matrix.

  • Jules

    Zune HD is OLED, which doesn’t do pen tile matrix