Google Gaming Developer Advocate quits after only four months, praises XNA and Silverlight

Now this is kinda interesting; gaming industry veteran, Mark DeLoura, just quit his job as a gaming developer advocate at Google only four months after being hired by the search giant. This wouldn’t really be super newsworthy if he didn’t actually praise Microsoft’s XNA + Silverlight effort as being the closets to enable developers to finally develop multi-platform (and cloud based games) without the need to write / code in different languages:

As game developers we’ve talked about the idea of making multiple-platform game access simpler for a long time – trans-platform play where the experiences may be different, as opposed to cross-platform play where the experiences are the same – and it should be easier for developers to create clients for web, mobile and desktop without needing to write them in completely different languages or using vastly different SDKs. Microsoft is closest to this with XNA and Silverlight across multiple platforms; Apple’s SDKs across iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX are pretty cleverly designed as well; and Google is approaching it with Android NDK and Chrome Native Client.

As I’ve always said (I talked about this a while ago here): Microsoft is currently the only company that has the experience and ability to build software that can be ran on a broadest range of devices (PC, Phones, Netbooks, Notebooks, Slates, Consoles, HTPCs etc) and Windows Phone 7 is going to be the catalyst. Just think about it: Which company has: Several OSes (Desktop/Server) , Mobile OS, Game Console, Search Engine, Worldwide music and video store, productivity suite, Development tools? Microsoft. But this doesn’t mean anything if they can’t execute on time. So lets just wait and see because things are gong to be really interesting in the coming months.

Source: Mark Deloura via TE

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    Yeah, they just need WP7 to get the momentum, then everything will get more interesting