New HTC T8788 Windows Phone 7 revealed

Engadget’s master leaker is back at it again today. After leaking the Samsung Cetus, LG C900 and T-Mobile G2 here comes the mysterious HTC T8788 Windows Phone 7 device spotted on AT&T’s network a few days ago. Not much is know about it yet other than whet you se in the pictures. The screen seems to big a bit bigger than 3.7 (but this can be a illusion caused by the camera) and the device apparently has a sliding speaker instead of a sliding keyboard. One More picture after the break:

Source: Engadget

  • Diego!

    I agree with you M.

    The screen looks at least 4″… though I dare to say it is a 4.3″ screen just like the upcoming HTC Desire HD (that’s why HTC decided to add a kickstand…)

    Anyway, this device looks very promising!!! And cool indeed :)

  • BucksterMcgee

    Yeah a lot of people on engadget were balking at the this concept, but color me intrigued. The screen does look enormous, and if that slide out speaker has great sound then with Zune this might be one powerful mobile media device. More please.