N-trig to provide Capacitive Touchscreen panels for the rumored HTC Chrome OS / Android tablet

It looks like the HTC Google Chrome OS / Android tablet rumors just won’t die. The latest we heard is that this mysterious slate will launch this november in the US (on Verizon?) and comes news that Israeli touchscreen maker N-trig is supplying the capacitive digitizers to HTC. What is interesting here is that N-trig is close Microsoft partner (Microsoft has also invested in the company last year) and their claim of fame is the fact that they were the first company to have a shipping capacitive screen that worked alongside a pressure sensitive pen/stylus. Pen and inking  isn’t really something Google’s products are know to do well (Android or Chrome OS) so one has to wonder why HTC will go for the more expensive N-trig panels instead of “regular” capacitive panels from companies like Cypress, Sharp etc. This is all rumors though and nobody know for sure if this so-called tablet is really based on and Google OS and not Windows.

Source: Haaretz

  • Anonymous

    These days even if you say i’m going to make a coffee maker tech blogs will say it will run android/chrome os(which is a dumb idea). N-trig panels are made for Onenote/touch. chrome os? wtf even is that