Create Games for Windows Phone 7: XNA Educational Series

Today’s a big day for Windows Phone 7 developers with the announcement that the final tools that will include the much anticipated official controls will be released on September 16 th and the launch of a Education Series aimed at developers who wish to build XNA games for the platform. The first part of Phase 1 is now up and includes the following chapters:

Get introduced to Windows Phone 7, and phone game development with XNA Game Studio.
This set of educational content is for all skill levels and phases of development, with a focus on introducing basic game techniques – such as input, graphics, and sound –to developers interested in making games on Windows Phone 7 using XNA Game Studio 4.0.

Part One: Available Now!
1- Catapult Wars Lab
2- Orientation Sample
3- Sound and Music Sample
4- 2D Graphics Sample
5- Particles Sample
6- 2D Asset Types Article
6- Intro to C# From Objective-C and Java Article
7- Gestures Article

The second part will be posted in September folowwed shortly after by Phase 2. You can also download a couple of XNA samples directly from there (the 3d graphics sample application demonstrating all the basic shader effects is there too)

Source: XNA Creators club