T-Mobile G2 aka HTC Vision Desire Z in the wild

One more leak for the day. This time it’s the T-Mobile G2 aka HTC Vision aka HTC Desire Z. The device is obviously owned by the same person who just leaked Samsung Cetus shots (the picture were taken on the same desk / table). Nothing to fancy that we haven’t seen before, the design and colors look a bit similar to the recently seen HTC Schubert / Mozart. The T-Mobile G2 is obviously an Android powered device and should feature the same specifications as all the current high-end Android handsets on the market (Snapdragon SoC at 1GHz, 3.7″ screen etc..) . More pictures after the break:

Souce: Engadget

  • Diego!

    It looks very nice. I want one! :)

  • http://twitter.com/starmazzola starmazzola

    Doesn’t it look like the mystery keys are shortcuts for the softkeys found at the bottom of both the stock Android UI and Sense? Each button has one dot that is bigger than the others. For instance; 3rd dot on button on the right is bigger, 2nd dot on the middle button is bigger, and harder to see but 1st dot on the button on the left looks bigger. Acai Advanced Cleanse