LG C900 Windows Phone 7 handset in the wild

Looks like Engadget’s “source” is on a roll today. After the Samsung Cetus, T-Mobile G2 here comes the LG C900 Windows Phone 7 device. I was the first to reveal the existence of the C900 in April but nobody really cared it seems like nobody really cared back then. The LG C900 looks like the production version of the LG Panther / GW910 with its sliding qwerty keyboard and what looks like a 3.7 capacitive touchscreen. The device pictured also sports a AT&T branded rom. More pictures after the break:

Source: Engadget

  • Diego!

    That screen looks shorther than 3.7″ Could it be 3.5″?

    I thought this was the cheaper version and the E900 is the deluxe version of the same device, right?

  • BucksterMcgee

    Hmm, so far I’m not liking the WP7 hardware, which annoys me as WP7 has little to do with what the OEMs choose to design (as far as i know), it just seems like boring average devices. Hopefully some more flagship type devices start showing up for launch. Also, I wonder how soon it will be before higher end devices come out. I’m cautious that all the launch devices will be simple 1Ghz snapdragons. : / I want 1.3 ghz dual core or better!! :D

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Yup it “could” be 3.5″ but such panels are usualy HVGA (HTC legend, iPhone 1/3G, etc) and given than this one WVGA I’m guessing that it’s 3.7″.
    Don’t know much about the E900. According to the user agent file it’s identical to the C900.

  • Diego!

    But LG Panther has a WGA panel and its screen meassures 3.5″.

    I think Panther looks better than this one. It looks more like a high-end device. IMHO of course! :)

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    I don’t think the Panther is 3.5″. Will measure it next time I have one in hands. Prolly next week.

  • Jabtano

    I’m going to go winmo 7 but I have yet to see a device that i like. I’m hoping that HTC will have something good for it.