The Xperia X10 is still getting Android 2.1 in September. But where's Froyo?

It’s been a while since I posted about the Sony Ericsson X10 mainly because it’s kind of “old news” here in Europe (the device came out a while ago here). So what’s the deal? Well, back in May Sony Ericsson officially announced that the Xperia X10will get its Android 2.1 update in September but since then nothing new has been heard and with the launch of the US version still sporting Android 1.6 many have been wondering if the X10 will ever receive 2.1 as originaly planned. Today Sony Ericsson UK has confirmed  on Twitter that 2.1 was still scheduled to hit the streets in September with HD video recoding and a couple of other features:

The update is due for release before the end of September. This will still include HD video recording. We hope this helps.

Now the question is: Will the X10 ever be updated to Froyo / Android 2.2 ? Maby they are too busy working on that PSP Smartphone…

Thanks Jon T for the heads up!