Microsoft talks about Xbox Live and games on Windows Phone 7: Pricing and future

Gamasutra had the chance to sit down with Kevin Unangst, Microsoft’s senior director of PC and mobile gaming, and Brian Seitz, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone 7 to discuss today’s announcement and check out the games in action. They first talk about the fact that two type of games will be available on the platform: with Xbox Live or without. In the case of Xbox Live enabled games, Microsoft will apparently have control over the pricing and release date of the titles with ” a few” coming out each week similar to what is happening on XBLA on the Xbox 360. Any one can develop a WP7game but if it doesn’t feature any XBLive feature then the developer will retain total control of the launch date etc..

As with Xbox Live Arcade, however, Microsoft functions as a gatekeeper to publishing games to Windows Phone 7′s version of Xbox Live. The goal is something “much more like the Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade portfolio,” says Unangst. “We’re going after the best games, regardless of platform; we’re working with everybody from the big guys to the small indies. It’s the managed portfolio approach, going after the games and the content that matters.”

“No matter where that great gameplay idea comes from, we’re proactively finding the best content for the phone,” says Unangst. “Some of those come from the console, some come from the phone, but the priority is making them the right experience for the phone.”

As previously announced the first batch of Xbox Live enabled games will only feature trun-based multi-player gaming but Microsoft is making it clear that we can expect to see real-time multiplayer gaming in the near future(after the first major update of the OS I guess)

“Our focus for this holiday is building on turn-based multiplayer, but I would certainly expect that it’s just the beginning of what we’re going to do with multiplayer.”

The company is also planing to develop new IPS internaly at Microsoft Game Studio and also expanding the current ones for Windows phone 7

Source: Gamasutra