Ilomilo for Windows Phone 7 direct feed footage

What I posted a little bit more than 2 weeks ago was finally confirmed yesterday when it was announced that Ilomilo is going to be a launch title on Windows Phone 7 this fall. Developed in Sweden by SouthEnd interactive and published by Microsoft Game Studios on Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live Arcade, Ilomilo is a super nice looking puzzle game in which you have to try to reunite Ilo and Milo to finish every stage. Check out the footage after the break:

What you have probably just noticed is that the version shown during MWC looked slightly better (there’s no Anti Aliasing here and some shaders are definitely missing) probably because it was running on the more powerful Andreno 205 GPU and running in OpenGL ES 2 (Direct 3D Mobile in WP7 doesn’t support programmable shaders yet so the developers will have use the shaders provided by Microsoft and try to recreate what they have originally done in OGL). The first batch of Windows Phone 7 handset will feature the Adreno 200 GPU which is part of the QSD 8X50 Snapdragon SoC.