Neat looking Windows Phone 7 RSS reader

Arash Emami over at Seles Games who developed the super awesome Stopwatch application for Window Phone 7 has just posted a video of his second WP7 application; and RSS reader called Weave. Here’s Arash description of it:

Feeds come pre-loaded, and grouped into various categories – the user can select what they are interested in, and voila, they get news articles related to their interests! And for people who are familiar with RSS, there will be the ability to add your own feeds, your own categories, and (time permitting) the ability to sync with your Google Reader account.

Check it out after the break:

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New Samsung Windows Phone 7 device out in the wild

Looks like the Samsung Cetus isn’t the only Windows Phone 7 the Korean company is planning to launch this fall. A new handset has been spotted on Twitter a few minutes ago. The design looks kinda weird if you ask me and those sharp edges could be deadly IMO ;) . The screen looks like it’s a Super AMOLED panel thought.

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HTC Launch Event on Spetember 15th

HTC is now sending out invitations for a press event on Spetember 15th taking place in London. Remember I already talked about this event last week (here and here) and speculated that this will mainly be about Android devices. Now check out the invitation above really closely and you will notice the HTC Desire HD hinding in the fume effect (you can clearly see the camera in the middle). Stay tuned…

More Dell Thunder live pictures

Looks like the owner of the Dell Thunder Android device we have seen earlier has been busy handing out blurry pictures of the handsets (looks likehe has 2 of them) to a couple of sites today. Nothing really new here other than the fact that these pictures are not as crappy as the previous ones..I frankly don’t find the device to be really attractive when compared to the current smartphone on the market.

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