VanGuide application for Windows Phone 7 released and open sourced

Microsoft MVP Mark Arteaga has just released his Vancouver Guide application for Windows Phone 7. Here’s the application description:

What exactly is VanGuide? Vanguide for Windows Phone 7 allows a user to view various landmarks in and around the Vancouver area. The user has the ability to view comments, ratings or tags to the landmark and add their own comments, ratings or tags.[...]VanGuide for Windows Phone 7 uses Silverlight for the UI and Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone was used to develop the application. Bing Maps Silverlight control is used to display the Open Data landmarks and allow the user to pan an zoom in on the landmarks.

The full source code is now freely available on codeplex and I recoreded a short video of the application in action that you can watch after the break:

Source: Mark’s blog and Codeplex