Don’t expect HTML5 support in Windows Phone 7 within the next 12 months


As you probably already noticed, HTML5 is the new buzzword this year. WebKit based browsers like the ones present on the new BlackBerry OS 6, iPhone and Android all support HTML5 which btw isn’t a finished standard yet. Windows Phone 7 for its part is still using a browser based on Internet Explorer 7 tech which obviously doesn’t have any kind of HTML5 support. Internet Explorer 9 is the version that will finally support it when it comes out in early 2011 (beta is expected in early September 2010) so we will have to wait until IE9 is “ported” to WP7 later in the year if all goes well in Redmond. One thing to keep in mind is that as I have reported a few months ago; IE Mobile will be  upgradable without a firmware update.

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HTC Glacier GPU / CPU Benchmark revealed

A T-Mobile employee has uploaded partial GLBenchmark 1.1 results of the upcoming HTC Glacier handset a few hours ago. Many blogger think that the score of 1432 Frames in the GLBenchmark Pro ES 1.1 CPU Skinning is a proof that the device is powered by the new MSM8260 or MSM8660 dual-core Snapdragon. Well sorry to disappoint you but this probably isn’t the case at all. First off performance doesn’t scale like that (you can’t just multiply x2 previous single core Snapdragon results and claim that this is how the dual-core will perform. Secondly, my HTC HD2 is faster at this particular skinning test. See the results below:

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