Mysterious Microsoft hardware teased on Twitter

Microsoft has just posted a mysterious picture of a yet unannounced Microsoft branded hardware on Twitter. From the looks of it this could be anything: a trackpad, a new Zune, a phone (kinda looks like the back of an HD2) but this is all speculation at this point. Don’t get your hopes up thought as this will probably something in line with what the company currently sells so I guess that this will probably be some sort of trackpad or Wacom style inking tablet especially after reading what was said:

Here’s a hint for you: “Don’t be so touchy…flat is where it’s at.” We’ll share another glimpse of our upcoming product with you tomorrow.
Here’s your second clue to our next product release: . Any guesses as to what it might be?

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Programming for Windows Phone 7 ebook free excerpt 2

The second excerpt of Charles Petzold’s upcoming Programming Windows Phone 7 ebook is now available for download free of charge. This new one contains eleven chapters (256 pages) compared to the 6 chapters found in the first excerpt that was released a couple of months ago:

Part I The Basics

Chapter 1 Hello, Windows Phone 7

Chapter 2 Getting Oriented

Chapter 3 An Introduction to Touch

Chapter 4 Bitmaps, Also Known as Textures

Chapter 5 Sensors and Services

Chapter 6 Issues in Application Architecture

Part II Silverlight

Chapter 7 XAML Power and Limitations

Chapter 8 Elements and Properties


Chapter 20 Principles of Movement

Chapter 21 Textures and Sprites

Chapter 22 Touch and Play

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The HTC Ace will be the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Vision the HTC Desire Z


According to the picture above from Vodafone’s stocks system the HTC Ace will retail in Europe as the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Vision will be the HTC Desire Z. You will also notice that the new batch of HTC Desires with the SLCD screen are referred to as the HTC Desire Super TFT. HTC is expected to announce a couple of new products on September 14 so we will have to wait a little bit before getting any confirmation.

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Windows Phone 7 development chat

Microsoft’s Channel 9 has just be update with a new episode of The Knowledge Chamber dedicated to Windows Phone 7. The 20 minutes long video is a chat with Mike Harsh who is Program Manager of the Silverlight application platform on Windows Phone 7. The main topic discussed is the the use of the development tools to code silverlight and XNA applications and you will also get to see a in-house MSDN WP7 application that aggregates all of Microsoft’s developer site and features video playback of the video keynotes directly on the phone (with the use of IIS Smooth Streaming on the server side):

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GPS Simulator for Windows Phone 7 development

If you are a Windows Phone 7 developer who wishes to build an application that uses the on-board GPS you will definitely find yourself in need for a development handset. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t have enough of them so KeyboardP just came to the rescue and developed a application to simulate the GPS and sent the coordinates to the emulated phone:

So, what is it? Simple – A locally hosted server displaying Bing maps and a client (e.g. your WP7 app) consuming those coordinates. As you move your mouse along the map, the GPS coordinates are retrieved and sent to the phone. This opens up quite a few possibilities. For example, you could store the coordinates every X seconds in a list to generate a ‘path’ that simulates someone driving from one point to another. If you need to know exact coordinates for your application, you can also extend the app so that you can press a key whenever you want to store a particular coordinate.

You can check out the app in action in the video below:

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