Windows Phone 7 Shuffleboard game

Here’s another Windows Phone 7 game currently in development in the UK by Ian Walker. The game feature three different board each with different physics attributes which reflect the different playing surfaces, there are also options to use other coinage, and to adjust the sensitivity of the scoring beds. Ian is currently in talks with Microsoft to make it Xbox Live compatible (for turn-byturn multiplayer gaming) and should make it available on launch day a free a trial version will also be offered. You can already try an early version of it by hitting the source link below.

The world Championships for Shuffleboard are often held in Gloucestershire, my home County, which has a strong affiliation with the game. This was in the back of my mind when I came to developing this application for WM7. From start to finish was around a month, though I did work on other stuff in parallel and I still have a few tweaks to make.

Try it here

Thanks for the head up Ian!